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I make jewelry as a way of connecting with the little girl in me, my grandmothers, my soul. It's about taking care and being present with the sacred spaces -- the spheres of healing, grace, and renewal.

My purpose in my work is to connect with the details, the nuances. To make that which might be overlooked into the sole focus. It's about shifting the view, transforming perspective, seeing things in a new way. I take extremely small elements and add in sterling silver or gold to create diminutive, unexpected pieces. At first glance it's a delicate necklace then, seen closer, it's a chain of tiny, individually wrapped beads requiring hours of meticulous work.

Although I create for my own fulfillment, I enjoy sharing my pieces with others, to give them a chance to connect with my work. It's personal and quiet.

To understand, you'll need to get a little closer.

Dana Shropshire Branson











Tiny. Really, really tiny.